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Becoming A Market Expert

Pattern recognition is the key.

The key to being an expert in anything is pattern recognition. To be a successful trader, you need to find patterns in the market, your behavior, your emotions, your time management, your ability to get the job done, etc.

There are patterns to everything we do and how we react to certain stimuli. When it comes to trading- we analyze the market through technical analysis which is another way of saying “we analyze patterns.” There are numerous events in the market that will trigger different patterns in our behavior or mental state.

A ranging market might cause us to stare at the charts more. An impulsive market might give us FOMO. A loss might trigger emotions that could cause over trading or revenge trading. A win could give us a confidence boost that propels our trading forward or potentially lead to over confidence and giving profits back to the markets. Discord might take our eyes of our current focus which could lead to missed trades or following someone else’s analysis that may result in a win or a loss.

These are all different events in our day to day lives that could positively or negatively impact our trading. If you are still learning to manage your time and how you trade from day to day— its crucial to become aware of these patterns, monitor them, track them, and ultimately hone or remove them from your life. We want to determine which patterns get us closer to our goals and which ones take us further away.

We essentially want to be an expert at being ourselves first. Then we apply it to everything else. That means we need to develop, or spot, our own patterns for success and self-sabotage. A lot of us tend to ignore the data put right in front of our faces and act purely off of bias and assumptions. Experts don’t do that- they diagnose. They ask questions and they spot patterns. In business, trading or personal development - it’s all the same— Its about figuring out that pattern and determining where the gaps are an how you can use a framework to improve in that area.

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